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Japanese for KIDS starts on 1 Oct 2016! For details, please contact us at admin@pjss.info. (Click here to downlad the flyer.)

What is a Japanese Saturday school?

Japanese Saturday School, or Supplementary School, is a school which offers supplementary Japanese education to the children who do not go to Japanese full-time schools overseas. We follow Japanese governmental curriculum using the textbooks provided by the Japanese government. There are 201 such schools in 56 countries worldwide. (as of April 15, 2010)


Penang Japanese Saturday School

Penang Japanese Saturday school opened its door in January 2012. The school is a NPO run by volunteers.


In July 2013, we were successfully registered with the Registry of Society (ROS) in Malaysia. Our ultimate goal is to get an approval and funds from the Japanese Ministry of Education.

Our teachers are experienced retired school teachers who live in Penang on MM2H, or expatriate wives or those who are married to Malaysian, most of those have worked as a teacher in Japan. In addition, we have volunteer teaching assistants (TA). All of them are willing to help and support our children and school.

We conduct 3 sessions of 45 minute literacy class every Saturday, 40 days a year. In January 2015, we started Maths classes, and we are also planning to open a Japanese class for non-Japanese primary school children in early 2015.

Why do we need a Japanese Saturday school in Penang?

In Penang, the number of Japanese children who choose non-Japanese full time education has been increasing. However, it is important for them to keep up to date to the Japanese school curriculum in order them to fit into Japanese school system back easily when/if they return home.

We also hope our children will keep their Japanese identity to be a true global person. With the establishment of Japanese Saturday School, more Japanese children will benefit from international experiences without loosing their own tradition and culture.

The objectives of the classes are to cover Japanese school curriculum and we focus on the Japanese literacy along with the textbook, including some Japanese cultural aspects for children to experience Japanese school life.

The committiee

We are a nonprofit organisation run by volunteering mothers.

In the late 2011, the management committee was set up with a group of Japanese mothers and ex-school teachers to start working together towards the establishment of the school.

As of January 2016, we have over 40 students in primary, seconary and pre-school classes. We offer a quality of education with the help of experienced teachers and volunteers.


For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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